Complete lighting

complete lighting of all outdoor and indoor movie plans

lighting service

Rental of lighting equipment

rental of lighting equipment


Broncolor lighting

rental of Broncolor professional and special lighting


Rental of power

rental of power generators also on the sets

power generators


Our company, founded in 1998, specialize in lighting films, series and television programs, commercials, photo shoots, music videos and even performing arts. Lighting plays very important part in creating the atmosphere in a film. The amount of light and the direction of the light source can give meaning to the viewer of the film. We also rent professional lighting equipment.

We offer a wide selection of power generators and our own transport, too. For each project we provide professional approach.

We take part in many national and international projects. Therefore the language barrier is no problem for us. Our crew speak fluent English, German, French, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian.

Our crews have years of experience and desire to take on new challenges. We treated each production individually and with full commitment.

We welcome your cooperation !